The Other Way

029: Ancestral remembering via herbalism with Laura Ash, Clinical Herbalist & Founder of Land of Verse

January 17, 2023 Season 1 Episode 29
The Other Way
029: Ancestral remembering via herbalism with Laura Ash, Clinical Herbalist & Founder of Land of Verse
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Show Notes

Laura Ash is a wellness business leader, Clinical Herbalist, feminist, mother, culture advocate, and social entrepreneur.

Laura began her herbal medicine journey in 2000, and has never looked back. Laura became a clinical herbalist in 2005, studying with medical herbalists and folk healers. After living overseas in the UK and East Africa, Laura has felt a sacred obligation to support Indigenous People in their health sovereignty, and in 2011 she started a nonprofit called Herbal Anthropology Project which has protected Maasai Traditional Medicine in Tanzania through the framework of the Traditional Knowledge Division of the World Intellectual Property Organization. In 2015, Laura acquired The Scarlet Sage Herb Co. in San Francisco, built its online presence, and in 2018 launched The Scarlet Sage School of Traditional Healing Arts, while keeping it profitable and community-centered. 

Laura founded Land of Verse, an online wellness education marketplace in 2021 to bring trusted voices of the healing arts into the forefront. As a Masterclass for healers, these scalable classes are poised to bring these vetted voices to the masses, engaging people of all levels to experience the power of ancestral remembering. 

Laura's professional specialties and passions are helping build profitable & scalable female-owned health and wellness companies, educating the world about holistic wellbeing, herbal medicine product discovery and branding, supporting appropriate cross-cultural relationships, and achieving a triple-bottom-line while having fun.

💫 We cover :

  • Clinical herbalism 101
  • Understanding different lineages of herbalism
  • Deep dive into Western Clinical herbalism: pattern diagnosis, treatment plans, constitutions, medical history
  • Understanding the intersection of modern research X Western herbalism
  • Ways that herbalism can compliment Western allopathic medicine
  • Answering: is a vegan diet healthier for everyone? 
  • Traditional medicine preservation; the importance of this history
  • Operating as a solo entrepreneur (especially while intersecting tech X healing arts)
  • Laura’s vision for Land of Verse - an educational platform for the healing arts
  • The importance of ancestral herbalism; from a historical and scientific point of view


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