The Other Way

032: Jim Gallas on freeing the flow of energy for health with Qigong, yoga, and reiki

February 26, 2023 Season 1 Episode 32
The Other Way
032: Jim Gallas on freeing the flow of energy for health with Qigong, yoga, and reiki
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Show Notes

This episode is a MUST listen for anyone who feels like acupuncture, herbalism, and other healing modalities are out of reach. There is so much we can learn to do to help promote healing within. Make sure to go check out our IG Community (@Nourish_Podcast) for quick videos guiding you through amazing Qigong practices that you can incorporate into your day to day. 

Jim Gallas has been teaching Yoga for 32 years, He has taught Qigong and Shiatsu for 30 years. Jim currently teaches the workshops ``Wild Tao”, “The Wisdom of Aging” “Vibrant Silence” and “Streams of Energy” at Esalen Institute. In Sayulita Mexico he offers “The Anatomy of Ease '' and “Long Spine Spacious Mind”, and at Mount Shasta “Standing as a Mountain”. For twenty years Jim practiced and performed with an improv group “Loose Cannon Theatre''. 

💫 We cover :

  • Fundamentally: what is Qi
  • What are the benefits of Qigong as a self therapy
  • The differences between Qigong, yoga, and other forms of movement
  • The mechanism of action behind Qigong vs. acupuncture vs. reiki
  • Ways to incorporate Qigong into your busy life - along with workouts!
  • The thousands of forms of QiGong; diving deep into Wai Dan Gong (and its relation to Sufism, yoga, and other spiritual practices)
  • How QiGong can shift your frame of mind
  • DAOist philosophy around source medicine
  • The evolution of QiGong; it's connection to nature, science, and monastic traditions
  • Difference between meditation and "meditative movement" - how to fit in both or choose one over the other

+ So much more!

💫 To connect with Jim:

  • Send him a note at:
  • Visit his website at: 
  • Jim is also teaching an amazing new workshop on Qigong at ESALEN in JUNE! Vibrant Silence, Qigong and Meditation” June 16-18 at Esalen Institute Big Sur Ca. Learn a full Qigong sequence, meridian self massage, meridian stretches, walking, standing and sitting meditation. Please contact for more info or to register.

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