The Other Way

056: Trailer: The Other Way

January 31, 2024 Kasia Stiggelbout Season 2 Episode 56
The Other Way
056: Trailer: The Other Way
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Show Notes

Hello and welcome to The Other Way, a lifestyle podcast exploring uncommon, unconventional, or alternative approaches to life, business, and health. I’m your host, Kasia; I’m a founder and mindfulness practitioner on a mission to harmonize “being” with “doing”, and discover my most authentic and aligned self along the way. In my experience, stepping into that kind of alignment often requires us to take the less traveled path. On this podcast, I explore those paths. Here, you can expect real, raw conversations with founders, researchers, trailblazers, experts in medicine, spiritual teachers, and all-around inspiring humans on the journey of doing things our way. It may not be “the way,” but it is the other way. So, if you’re like us and feel called to listen to that deeper voice - you’re in the right place. Welcome. 

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